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Representative Tlaib is redefining for us what Muslim Women can do – and we’re freaking out

January 6, 2019

(Updated Monday, Jan. 7, approx. 10 pm PDT)

I am not a fan of public cursing. Not to say that I never do it, but I think it is often overused. I do use it in my plays where I believe it illuminates the world of my characters. Some of my plays have extensive cursing, some none at all.

One consequence of overuse is that it ceases to serve its function of emotional release/intensification. I had a college roommate who used the f-bomb approximately once per sentence and it just became noise. It’s when it is used sparingly that it is at its most powerful.


My Non-Gendered Pronoun Proposal

August 19, 2018

Chinese gets by just fine with no gendered pronouns; why can’t English?

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I am They as You are They

December 5, 2017

My use of “they” over “he” or “she” has greatly increased over these last few years.

I use “they” when I don’t know the gender of the person or when the gender of the person is irrelevant.

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This is Not a Pipe, 2017 Version

September 20, 2017

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Depending on the politeness of strangers

March 8, 2012

Occasionally during feedback sessions for a new play reading, somebody will say that something in the script “took me out of out of the play,” that is that something in the play reminded them they were in an audience watching a play. This evening, something happened in real life that threw me into the world of my play. And it all started when I walked into my favorite taqueria to order a burrito.

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Politeness in dialog

December 22, 2009

In The Economist is an article on politeness in English (subscription apparently now required) and in other languages around the globe.  This is – well not quite timely; I’ve been working on the first draft of this play for over three years – of interest to me in the alternate history play I’ve been working on, My Visit to America. In that play, set in a very different present from our own, the language – which might be English or perhaps the play has been translated into English – retains three politeness levels.

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