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Never say “no” to a note

January 22, 2011

When engaging in public feedback sessions after a reading of my plays or scenes, I follow a nearly invariant rule: never respond to a note other than to say “thank you” or to write it down (and yes, I really do write it down, not my shopping list). I’ve only broken it when I’ve felt someone has said something insulting (see my post on Warning! Lecture Ahead), and even then I would do well rise above it and follow my usual rule.

But when I’m discussing it with somebody one-on-one, I will sometimes break the rule and tell them why I’m not doing x. I suspect that is still a mistake. Because sometimes comments need to percolate.

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Politeness in dialog

December 22, 2009

In The Economist is an article on politeness in English (subscription apparently now required) and in other languages around the globe.  This is – well not quite timely; I’ve been working on the first draft of this play for over three years – of interest to me in the alternate history play I’ve been working on, My Visit to America. In that play, set in a very different present from our own, the language – which might be English or perhaps the play has been translated into English – retains three politeness levels.

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