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September 14, 2012

Counting down the days to the end of my sister’s Kickstarter project. Hopefully, a happy ending is in store.

The Panda Chronicles

I always like September, well, at least now that I don’t actually HAVE to go back to school, that is, but it still, oh these many years later, (don’t ask) gives me a burst of energy to get back into the studio and actually get something done. The panda kindergarten is no exception and they absolutely PROMISE to be much better behaved this year. (Although I think I saw some paws crossed behind their backs when they said that.)

Meanwhile, back at the Kickstarter ranch, we are at 86% with only 6 days to go!  For those of you not following or yet on board with the Kickstarter project (ahem) hope you will check it out, because we have big, pandy plans here at the Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire!  I’d like to unveil the third in the triumvirate of panda posters (starting with “30 days of Pandas

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September 9, 2012

If you haven’t checked out my sister’s Kickstarter campaign to publish a book of panda cartoons, please do so.

The Panda Chronicles

In fact, we are chewing our claws down to their little nubbins!  It is an all panda alert for our Kickstarter project!  The panda kindergarten is in a neighborhood near you and no one is safe!  Don’t make us resort to whining and sniveling.

This could happen to you!

And have we mentioned the really cool things you get for supporting our project?  First and foremost, THE BOOK!: The Panda Chronicles Book 1: Your Brain on Pandas.  And then, there is the Bob T. Panda for President bumper sticker, which we hope to have ready for this fall, so you can pledge your allegiance to the BEAR!

And need we mention the 30 Days of Pandas Poster?

So if you haven’t signed on to the panda bus yet, there’s no time like the present!  If you already have, consider upping your pledge! An additional $5 added to…

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August 30, 2012

And if I reblog a reblog, does this create the necessary infinite number of pandas?

Of course, as Murphy would have it, it got cut off just before her Your Brain on Pandas Kickstarter link, and the software is mysteriously not letting me add the link to this reblog, so you’re just going to have to, if you’re so inclined, follow the 10-more-words link yourself.

Isn’t technology wonderful?

The Panda Chronicles

For some reason, the share buttons did not show up on the last post (AND I forgot my daily Kickstarter link!)  so here is a repeat of the cartoon I included with the reblog from Exit, Pursued by a Lark)  sorry if you are getting this twice.


Be the bear and visit


 Bob T. Panda!


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The world is now 31 plays, erm, richer?

August 28, 2012

Not sure whether I can really call it richer, although it was fun. I was actually shooting for “So bad it’s good.” Some of them are probably “So bad it’s bad,” but such is the life of first drafts.

Yes, I wrote 31 short plays!  28 riffs on Shakespeare as performed by pandas and other animals, all set in Edinburgh Zoo (home of pandas Sunshine and Sweetie) and the Wolong Nature Preserve (home of the panda kindergarten), plus three framing plays.

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Playwrights Center of San Francisco (PCSF)

May 15, 2012

Thirty-two years ago, a group of playwrights was formed. They got together, presumably on a regular basis, to read scenes from plays they had written and occassionally to hear or see an entire play read. According to the earliest PCSF history page, the first play to be read was The Jury by Harry Hattyar. Thirty-two years later, with many a change in membership, we – for I am now part of PCSF – have over 1,300 readings and full productions under our collective belts, with the current full production of eight short plays in the Sheherezade XII short play festival, co-produced with Wily West Productions.

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Nothing Overlooked

February 21, 2012

It’s been said that there are virtually no playwrights who are making their living entirely off their playwriting. Even Tony Kushner, author of Angels in America recently said he can’t live entirely off his playwriting income.

For anyone in the arts, it’s a risk to quit that day job and go full-time into your passion. But it’s what my sister did years ago when she quit her day job to be an artist full-time. Not that I think my playwriting will ever lead to that, but she’s an inspiration to me to follow my muse.

Anyway, she has a fine arts blog called Nothing Overlooked, which is one of the many links in my so-called blogroll. And she’s running a Kickstarter campaign to create her next series of art. And some of the reward categories include the planned fruits of her labor.

Her campaign has 10 days to go as of this posting. If you’re an art lover, go over and check out her blog. And then, if you’re moved as I was to kick in, check out her Kickstarter campaign to go to Italy to paint and the cool art rewards that come from funding it.

You can tell her I sent you.