Zoom Rebroadcast: The Making of Medea’s Medea

The Making of Medea’s Medea: A Mockumentary Play by Chas Belov, in a 45-minute version, will have a rebroadcast by Third Citizen Theatre Company for one week (March 8, 7 am, to March 15, 7 pm), together with three other shorts (5-15 minutes each) inspired by Greek mythology on the theme of revenge as part of their Digital Dionysia rebroadcast.

Tickets for Hubris: The Revenge Plays

The mythical Medea, still alive after 4000 years in prison for murdering her two sons and others, is tasked with the modern-day retelling of her own story of revenge in exchange for her freedom. The play seems destined for Broadway, until bodies start to fall.

Directed by Peter Sampieri.

They did a fantastic job when this played in January.

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