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For the record, I loved Krista Knight’s (Un)hinged

May 24, 2018

Krista Knight is a young playwright well-known and well-loved in the new plays community. She’s well-loved both for her work (her plays have been produced all over the country) and for her personality, which is supportive, generous, and kind. If you scroll through her Instagram (@playtrixx), you’ll see her promoting the work of other […]

via “Dress Like A Normal Person”: The Weapons of Fragile Masculinity — Bitter Gertrude


Why I Write Plays About Race

May 24, 2018

“I don’t see color! WE ALL BLEED RED.” People of color, you have almost certainly had white people say this to you, or some version of it, numerous times. It’s a lie. But you already knew that. White people, of course we “see color.” We see that people are Black, or Asian, or Latinx. So what […]

via When White People Say “I Don’t See Race,” We’re Lying — Bitter Gertrude