Month: August 2012

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And if I reblog a reblog, does this create the necessary infinite number of pandas?

Of course, as Murphy would have it, it got cut off just before her Your Brain on Pandas Kickstarter link, and the software is mysteriously not letting me add the link to this reblog, so you’re just going to have to, if you’re so inclined, follow the 10-more-words link yourself.

Isn’t technology wonderful?

The Panda Chronicles

For some reason, the share buttons did not show up on the last post (AND I forgot my daily Kickstarter link!)  so here is a repeat of the cartoon I included with the reblog from Exit, Pursued by a Lark)  sorry if you are getting this twice.


Be the bear and visit


 Bob T. Panda!


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The world is now 31 plays, erm, richer?

Not sure whether I can really call it richer, although it was fun. I was actually shooting for "So bad it's good." Some of them are probably "So bad it's bad," but such is the life of first drafts. Yes, I wrote 31 short plays!  28 riffs on Shakespeare as performed by pandas and other … Continue reading The world is now 31 plays, erm, richer?

My sis has just launched her new Kickstarter campaign to promote her, er, Bob T. Panda’s new book, “Your Brain on Pandas.” Recommended for panda lovers, cat lovers and comic lovers with a cartoon honoring me! Thanks, sis! (Sorry, I can’t bring myself to put an apostrophe on “sis.”)
Oh, yeah, and this is the site that inspired my 31 Plays 31 Days playwriting theme, 31 Scottish Panda Plays.

The Panda Chronicles

Well, here I am, getting ready in about 8 minutes (give or take) to launch my Kickstarter project (as explained by Bob and Mehitabel) at exactly 12:01PM Pacific Daylight Savings time.  Why so precise on the time, you may very well ask?  It all goes to my theory of when people are on their computers more.

If you are someone’s employer, please stop reading this now.

I mean it.  psst…most people are on their computers checking kickstarter and twitter and facebook while they are at work.

Also, the way Kickstarter works, is that once you have set your start and finish time for your project, your project ends at the exact time of day that your project started: 24 hrs X however many days.  So, if you get all excited because you have been spending all evening till the wee hours (or in the case of the panda kindergarten…

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