Playwrights Center of San Francisco (PCSF)

Thirty-two years ago, a group of playwrights was formed. They got together, presumably on a regular basis, to read scenes from plays they had written and occassionally to hear or see an entire play read. According to the earliest PCSF history page, the first play to be read was The Jury by Harry Hattyar. Thirty-two years later, with many a change in membership, we – for I am now part of PCSF – have over 1,300 readings and full productions under our collective belts, with the current full production of eight short plays in the Sheherezade XII short play festival, co-produced with Wily West Productions.

I joined in 2005 to work on my first play, a full-length sex-farce-cum-drama called Rice Kugel, achieving a staged reading in 2006. Subsequently, I have had a production of a 10 minute play with a title too long to show here, developmental and staged readings of my second full-length Hemlock, and a developmental reading of my third full-length My Visit to America. While I’d love a full production of my full-lengths, words cannot express how thrilling it was for me to see my staged readings.

Most of the costs of these various readings were covered by my membership in PCSF and by the generosity of PCSF donors over the years. Not only would it cost more for me to produce these readings myself, I would have to concern myself with insurance, casting and many other details that I find overwhelming to mention. PCSF provides a real service to playwrights and they have provided these services hundreds upon hundreds of times with warm support and good cheer.

All this take money, far more than we members pay through our membership fees. Aside from independent donations, PCSF holds its annual fundraiser, the aforementioned Sheherezade XII. And as they say, it takes money to make money, so PCSF is holding a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to cover half the costs of putting on Sheherazade. As of this writing, the campaign is at 91% with 8 days to go. If we don’t hit 100%, we get nothing, zip, nada, zilch.

If you love theatre, please consider a donation.

P.S. If instead, or in addition, you are a foodie, please check out my sister’s blog post on a totally different Kickstarter campaign to produce Washington-raised goat cheese year-round and her resident panda’s blog post on the same subject. They have 5 days to go and are quite a bit further from their goal, so they could use some help.

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