Reaching 100: on being promiscuous

A year or three ago, Theatre Bay Area Magazine mentioned that it had a database which allowed them to track audience members across multiple theatres’ productions. They mentioned that one audience member was particularly “promiscuous” in their theatregoing, crossing the threshhold of ninety-some Bay Area theatres in three years. That theatregoer is not me, but I like to think I’m in the top ten, or at least the top twenty, of promiscuous Bay Area theatregoers.

You may have noticed that in the link list down the right-hand side of my blog, what would typically be called the blogroll, except that I’m not exclusively linking to blogs, I list the various Bay Area theatre companies I have seen off-book productions at. It’s not a pure list either: for instance, I consider opera to be theatre, and some dance companies cross the line between dance and theatre and I include those as well.

At the same time the list is frustratingly incomplete. While I have become an avid theatregoer in the seven years plus or minus since I became a playwright, I must admit that before that I only occasionally stumbled into live theatre, preferring movies to stage. Even then, some of the few stage productions I attended have faded from memory or the theatres that produced them have faded into history, leaving not even a website to document their existence, especially those which existed pre-web.

So the number of links is both high and low.

Still, it is amazing to see that my list of Bay Area theatres has hit the 100 mark – 101 to be precise as of this blog post. So many theatres, so little time. With around 300 Bay Area theatres, just counting the ones that belong to Theatre Bay Area, it is unlikely that I will hit all of them in my lifetime. But, I love the challenge of seeing how high I can go. And more importantly, I love the variety of work that I see, from old standards to newly hatched plays seeing the first light of day, from huge productions to tiny ones. I love getting to know the work of particular actors, directors, playwrights and, yes, theatre companies. And I love getting to know other audience members that I run into time and time again, promiscuous theatregoers like myself.

Here’s to being a theatre slut!

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