Zombies belong on stage, not in the audience

As if theatregoers forgetting to turn off their phones weren’t enough, now we have to contend with smartphones that turn themselves on. I’ve been testing an Android smartphone for work. After a recent system update, I noticed that several minutes after I had turned it off, I would often hear the trademark “Droid” sound coming from my pocket or the bedroom marking the boot sequence reaching a certain point. I Googled the issue and apparently there are a lot of posts indicating it’s been a problem for a while, although I only noticed it these past couple weeks. So I’ve taken to setting my test phone to silent before turning it off at theatres. (At a recent performance they asked us to use Airplane mode as the phones apparently mess with the sound system.) I’ll note I’ve had the phone turn on unasked at least once at a performance, fortunately with the sound off.

A co-worker suggested the pocket detection setting was to blame. I turned pocket detection off a couple days ago and so far it hasn’t spontaneously booted since then. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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