Nothing Overlooked

It’s been said that there are virtually no playwrights who are making their living entirely off their playwriting. Even Tony Kushner, author of Angels in America recently said he can’t live entirely off his playwriting income.

For anyone in the arts, it’s a risk to quit that day job and go full-time into your passion. But it’s what my sister did years ago when she quit her day job to be an artist full-time. Not that I think my playwriting will ever lead to that, but she’s an inspiration to me to follow my muse.

Anyway, she has a fine arts blog called Nothing Overlooked, which is one of the many links in my so-called blogroll. And she’s running a Kickstarter campaign to create her next series of art. And some of the reward categories include the planned fruits of her labor.

Her campaign has 10 days to go as of this posting. If you’re an art lover, go over and check out her blog. And then, if you’re moved as I was to kick in, check out her Kickstarter campaign to go to Italy to paint and the cool art rewards that come from funding it.

You can tell her I sent you.

3 thoughts on “Nothing Overlooked

  1. Chas,
    It’s true, playwrights can’t seem to live off their work. But my brother, as a landscape painter, can. He hasn’t had a job of any kind for 18 years. In fact, in his community, there are many artists (mostly painters) who live off their work. Even as the economy has suffered, people seem to still buy art. We recently joked about “money coming in.” He was waiting for a forty thousand dollar check, while I, as a playwright, was waiting for a fifty dollar one. I think I chose the wrong field.
    Mark Cornell

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