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Making fire in a crowded theatre

July 6, 2011

If realism in theatre is so important, why doesn’t smoke go away when the scene ends? Why isn’t the smoke instantly smellable throughout the theatre rather than wandering here and there according to the vagaries of physics and the ventilation system or lack thereof, turning up in ones nostrils several minutes later, taking this audience member out of the current scene and back into the previous one, and sometimes out of the theatre?

I am sensitive to both tobacco and herbal smoke. Aside from that, I dislike their respective smells. I recently had to leave my second show in as many months because I did not get accurate information about smoking in the performance. What’s worse, I was totally enthralled by the show; instead of being disappointed at not being able to attend a show that sounded interesting, I had the playgoer’s hell of knowing exactly what I was missing when I walked out.

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