The Flash and outbreak of a fiery mind

If theatres didn’t have a reason to avoid all-Flash sites – beyond the fact that some Web surfers, myself included, find them annoying – here’s a scenario that might scare them back to good old HTML:

You have a couple who are looking forward to a night of theater, at your theatre. They’ve already purchased tickets. They are attending your theatre for the first time. They’ve printed out their ticket confirmation and stuffed it in a pocket or purse without really looking at it. They get to the vicinity of the theatre, then realize they don’t have the address. So they dig out the confirmation, which has the theatre name but – doh! – as is all too common, does not have the theatre address. So the one who isn’t driving (I’ll assume they’re driving, but I hope they’ll consider public transportation) pulls out their BlackBerry® and calls you. Well, a lot of folks are calling you so they get a busy signal. So they Google® you and go to your theatre Web site.

And are greeted by an instruction that they need to download the latest version of Flash “here.” Because BlackBerry doesn’t support Flash.

So they tell their spouse, friend or significant squeeze to pull over and try it on their smartphone. So that person pulls over, gets out their iPhone®, launches Safari and goes to your Web site.

And are greeted by an instruction that they need to download the latest version of Flash “here.” Because iPhone doesn’t support Flash.

And when the iPad® comes out, it won’t support Flash either.

So they miss the performance, or are late, or just barely make it. And are annoyed. And if they made it, tune out of the exciting opening of your play. All because your theatre wanted to have a fancy all-Flash Web site.

Flash is good for a lot of things. Animation. Video. In my not-so-humble opinion, it stinks for site navigation and text. Don’t turn it into a hammer and make every Web problem a nail.

Thank you.

For your enlightenment, an article at AppleInsider as to why iPhone and iPad are unlikely to support Flash in the future.


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